Bio-Mediterraneum: Health, Beauty and Harmony

The concept of this Cluster is based upon Mediterranean cuisine and the way of life in this area, with a special emphasis on participation and integration. The Cluster aims to recreate the colors, tastes, and aromas that are typical of Mediterranean countries and their cultures.Albania will partecipate in the Bio-Mediterraneum: Health, Beauty and Harmony cluster. Mediterranean foods not only offer considerable health benefits but theircultivation is also perfectly in line with environmental sustainability criteria. From the dramatic beauty of its Adriatic seacoast across the expanse of its mountainous terrain,Albania impresses visitors with its Mediterranean hospitality, exciting atmosphere, and excellent fresh food. Albanian cuisine is getting popular due to its tasty and fresh Mediterranean food,cheaper than elsewhere in Europe. In Albania people still spend more time preparing and eating food than anywhere else on earth. Albanian cuisine is well known for its high nutritional value and its quite special taste.Albanian cuisine is a blend of influences from Balkan and European cuisine. Mediterranean cuisine is based on a trinity: wheat, olives and grapes. As in many other Mediterranean countries, olives are a staple in Albania, where for more than 3000 years; olives and olive oil have been one of the most renowned food products. The method of cultivation is mainly extensive and often trees are part of the natural environment. Most of the production meets organic standards. As the saying says “Food is essential for living, as air is essential for breathing”, well as human beings we cannot manage the air, but we can manage the way we produce food, the way we manage food, the way how to use innovative ways for sustainable food without harming the planet.