Expo Milano 2015: Albania inaugurates its pavilion

On May 1st in the premises of the Open Theatre, Milan, was held the inaugural ceremony of Albania's participation in one of the most important international events of the year, Expo Milano 2015.

During this event the Albanian delegation was represented by Mr. Edmond Panariti, Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Management; Mrs. Manjola Gjoni, Commissioner General of Expo Milano Albania and numerous collaborators who assisted in the establishment and maintenance of Albanian Pavilion.

The welcome speech was held from Mrs. Manjola Gjoni, who cordially thanked the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism, Trade and Entrepreneurship for the great support, the institutional group work, Mr. Eduard Agostini and Klik Expo Group for the cooperation, as well as all other structures of the state for the assistance provided to this project.

" - The presence of Albania in this international exhibition comes at a crucial moment for our country. For this reason, what our project proposes, is a maximum dedication not only against the rare tradition and cultural values of Albania, but a worthy effort to promote the country as a destination to develop partnership opportunities in terms of trade relations and foreign investments. All these characteristics will be manifested through a personalized structure of the Albanian Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, various exhibitions, cultural and artistic events but also through frequent business seminars, academic forums, as well as business and political round tables”- emphasized Mrs. Gjoni during her speech.

During the inaugural event were conducted numerous activities such as multimedia file for attracting foreign investors and tourists in visiting the Via Eganatia, AKB, traditional clothing exhibition on 100 years (People Tradition Foundation); Exhibition of photographs from the air and water (Expo Gate).

Albania at Expo Milano 2015, will be presented by a geographical digitalized map of the Albanian culinary. The Albanian Pavilion will have cooking and tasting shows and the best experts in the art of cooking joined this initiative without hesitation.