Albania in Expo 2015

In line with the Expo Milano Theme, Albania will be represented with the theme "Our Food, Our Story, Our Mystery", by transmitting that:

Our history is as old as painful, as varied as rich in values.

Our food is as traditional a as enriched in taste

Our mystery is the unique value of this nation whereas the energy for life stems from the spiritual food for entire generations.

Albania undoubtedly constitutes a rare example of religious coexistence in a long historical journey, and deserves to be considered as Albania Phenomenon. The coexistence of the three different religions is an uncommon trend in a region where religion is often associated with nationalism and abuse of trust. The religious coexistence in Albania has not only a historical and cultural importance, but has served as a useful lesson to the international environment.

If there is a code or ritual within the Albanian family is the institution of "Hospitality". The anthropologist Mrs. Edith Durham wrote for the Albanians citizens that "Laws of Hospitality are stronger than the weapons they carry". There are no words to summarize the beautiful expression that Albanians uses when they expects friend's house: "Welcome, bread, salt and heart" and the magic phrase “I falemNderit"

The Albanians have shown themselves that hospitality is not an obligation but a life style, and one of the bigotry habits inherited over generations.

The Albanian Pavilion is part of a special thematic cluster, Cluster BioMediterraneo, within together with the other countries, Albania will share the promotion of Bio products under the selected motto: Health, Beauty and Harmony. Considering the different cultures and traditions, each country is invited to propose their challenges associated with the prospects of food. What we propose by the "Albanian natural granary", is the healthy and safety food, in friendly respect of the environment, without affecting the authentic tastes and our food culture. We have inherited a rich land in products and species, which other countries in the region has always complimented. Situated at the border of other civilizations, our country’s fate or disasters has always been related to them. Hence, every kind of folk ceremony that evokes the war, despite the rich choreography and the wonderful costumes, always ends up with banquets, dishes, techniques, ways of conservation and serving, by shifting the scene andattention at the table, at the jokes and memories of beloved people and heroes who easily returned into legends.

The presence of Albania in this international exhibition comes at a crucial moment for our country. For this reason, what our project proposes, is a maximum dedication not only against the rare tradition and cultural values of Albania, but a worthy effort to promote the country as a destination to develop partnership opportunities in terms of trade relations and foreign investments. All these characteristics will be manifested through a personalized structure of the Albanian Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, various exhibitions, cultural and artistic events but also through frequent business seminars, academic forums, as well as business and political round tables.

The personalize structure of the pavilion manifests many meanings of a complex reality in terms of long history and difficulties to survive. A nation which today exists with dignity and tries to integrate through the dimensions of time we live.